Tennessee Tech Event Space Reservation System

Non-Affiliated Application

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Using the "When and Where" box to the left, enter basic information regarding your event to identify potential venues.

Using the "Browse for Space" link and the filter feature to the right of that screen, view potential venues using the desired date of use.  Open times will be indicated on the calendar hourly listing to the right of each space, and you may click on a particular venue link to view pictures, room details, setup types, features and availability.
Using the "Browse Facilities" link and the filter feature, view potential venues based on room or setup type, then click on each venue link to view pictures, room details, setup types, features, and availability.

Once you have identified a potential location(s) for your event, complete the TTU Facility Use Application for Non-Affiliated Users.  Make sure to complete all information fully, as incomplete applications cannot be processed.  Once you have completed and signed the application, return the application to events@tntech.edu.  Your application will be reviewed and, if approved, the space will be tentatively reserved for your use, pending completion of additional documentation and other requirements applicable to the use.

Along with an email notification of your approved application, you will receive an estimate of charges for the facility rental, based upon the information provided in the application.  This is an estimate only, and is subject to revision based upon actual attendance, or other requirements which may be later identified.

The email notification will also include a Use of Facilities Agreement, and instructions as to other requirements, including but not limited to insurance, security, marketing materials, etc.  Final approval of facility use is not granted until all requirements are met and the Agreement is fully executed.  Unless otherwise stated in your Agreement, payment must be received at least five (5) business days prior to event date; failure to remit timely payment may result in cancellation of your Agreement and the use of University facilities.

**NOTE**  The following rules apply to any event on University property:
The use and/or possession of alcoholic beverages on University property is prohibited.
The University campus is a no-smoking and tobacco-free campus, including the use of electronic nicotine delivery systems. 
Firearms are prohibited unless specifically allowed by state law and TTU policy.


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Other Information

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The Contact Person listed must be the actual person responsible for requesting the space, making the arrangements, and cleaning the area after the event.

The Contact Person must be present at the event for the duration of the event.


(Please read carefully before checking the box indicating acceptance of the terms.  TTU will not consider the request unless this section is complete.)

I acknowledge:

  1. I have read TTU's Policy for Use of Campus Facilities and Property.
  2. I have read TTU's Policy on Minors on Campus and agree to abide by the requirements, including providing attestation of compliance (applicable only if event is primarily for minors and parents are not in attendance with the minors).
  3. The intended and actual use of TTU property and facilities will not violate the provisions of the TTU Policy on Use of Campus Property and Facilities or any policies or regulations of TTU or any federal, state, or local law or regulation.
  4. Any use of TTU property and facilities pursuant to this request that is contrary to such policies, laws, or regulations or that is inconsistent with the activity as described in this request is grounds for the immediate cancellation of the activity.
  5. I agree to indemnify TTU and hold it harmless from liabilities arising out of requester's use of TTU property and/or facilities, including but not limited to personal injury, property damage, court costs including attorney's fees.
  6. TTU Dining Services has the exclusive right to provide food services/catering in all University facilities.  TTU Dining Services must be utilized for catering of any event held in a TTU facility were food costs are more than $300.00.  If TTU Dining Services is unable to cater the event, TTU Dining Services will provide written approval to the User by allowing the use of another caterer.  If User chooses to use a caterer other than TTU Dining Services without obtaining an exemption, the University will charge a catering fee, payable in advance, using the following schedule based on attendees.  For events of up to 100 people, the charge shall be $ 350.00 and facilities usage fee charged by the University.  Any exceptions to this policy require approval from an authorized TTU Dining Services representative.
  7. Payment in full is due no later than five (5) business days prior to this event unless TTU waives this requirement.
  8. Reservations for use of facilities are confirmed when the applicant receives emailed notification from TTU confirming the request.  Due to the high demand for rooms, TTU will not confirm, pencil-in, or otherwise reserve space for non-affiliated groups or individuals by phone or verbal agreement. 

I hereby acknowledge that I have read the Terms and Conditions and referenced policies and agree to abide by these requirements.