Tennessee Tech Event Space Reservation System

Welcome to the online event space reservation system
for Tennessee Tech University!

The Tennessee Tech Event Management System (EMS) offers a comprehensive listing of TTU’s campus events. Users can search by date, event category or space.  Please note that EMS works best with Internet Explorer as the browser.

For University Events scheduled by Staff/Faculty/Students (Affiliated User):

User must Log In, using the "My Account" tab above. Use the first part of your email address for your user id (i.e., jdoe) and your password is the same as your active directory password.

Once logged in, select a template from the Reservations menu in the toolbar to make your request.

It is important to note that this system is for REQUESTING space. You will receive a confirmation email after a staff member has had an opportunity to review your request.  Also, please note that after-hours access to campus buildings will not be granted unless use of the space has been prior approved through this Event Management System or according to student policy.

For Non-University Events (Non-Affiliated User):

Click on the "Reservations" tab above, and then click on "Non-Affiliated Application" for more information and instructions.